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    The Great Commanders...

    The Great Commanders of the Early Modern World 1567-1865

    Paperback in zeer goede staat. Engelstalig.

    What qualities made the Duke of Wellington a strategic genius? How did Oliver Cromwell, a gentleman farmer create an army that overthrew a king and changed the course of British history? Why was Simón Bolívar able to overcome early reverses to become the greatest figure in the Latin American struggle against Spanish colonialism?

    The answers to these and a myriad other fascinating questions can be found in Great Commanders of the Early Modern World, a sumptuous chronological survey of the 25 greatest commanders of the early modern world. Compiled by an distinguished team of historians (including such names as Antonia Fraser, Saul David and Stephen Brumwell) working under the general editorship of Andrew Roberts, Great Commanders of the Early Modern World is an authoritative and beautifully illustrated account of the lives and careers of the 25 greatest military commanders of the period, from the Duke of Marlborough to Napoleon Bonaparte, from Robert Clive to Carl von Clausewitz, and from Frederick the Great to Shaka Zulu. Every commander is profiled in a concise and informative 3000-word article which not only brings its subject vividly to life via a lively, fact-driven narrative, but also analyses and assesses his tactical and strategic gifts.

    As accessible and informative as it is rigorous and scholarly, Great Commanders of the Early Modern World is the perfect introduction to its subject for the layperson - but also a stimulating and thought-provoking read for those with greater knowledge of military history. With its companion volumes, focusing on the great commanders of the ancient, medieval and modern eras, it forms an indispensable guide to the greatest generals the world has seen.

    Andrew Roberts (ed.);

    € 8,50

    The Medieval Church

    The Medieval Church

    Paperback in redelijk goede staat. Vouwtje in achterplat en enkele achterliggende pagina's. Engelstalig.

    Why does one's concept of the medieval church have a direct bearing on one's attitude toward ecumenism? How was Europe evangelized? Why is it essential to understand the different relationships of church-to-state between the West and Byzantium in order to understand the church's role in Eastern culture today? What common practices of public worship and personal piety have their roots in the medieval church? The Medieval Church: From the Dawn of the Middle Ages to the Eve of the Reformation addresses these questions and many more to demonstrate the pervasive influence of the past on modern piety, practice, and beliefs. For many years the Medieval period of church history has been ignored or denigrated as being the "dark ages," an attitude fostered by Enlightenment assumptions. Yet not only does this millennium provide a bridge to the early church, it created modern Europe and its nations, institutions, and the concept of Christendom as well. The Medieval Church, written in an easily accessible style, introduces the reader to the fascinating interplay of authority and dissent, the birth and development of doctrinal beliefs, the spirituality of the common person, and the enduring allure of Christian mysticism. The Medieval Church is a companion to The Early Church: Origins to the Dawn of the Middle Ages by E. Glenn Hinson and The Modern Church: From the Dawn of the Reformation to the Eve of the Third Millennium by Glenn Miller.

    Carl A. Volz;

    € 11,99

    James Joyce

    James Joyce

    Engelstalige uitgave, gebonden met stofomslag, in zeer goede staat

    This book is the first completely new biography of James Joyce for a generation. It will prove both controversial and essential. James Joyce left Dublin in 1904, when he was twenty-two, and for the next decade taught and worked in Pola, Trieste and Rome. He visited his native Dublin for the last time in 1912, leaving after an acrimonious dispute with a publisher and spending the rest of his life on the Continent. By the time he was thirty he had already had the vast majority of experiences on which his intensely autobiographical literary output was based. Peter Costello, Joycean scholar and native Dubliner, draws on recently discovered or previously overlooked sources to show how Joyce's early life -- his education, his relationship with his brothers and sisters, his youthful loss of faith, his first sexual experiences, his meeting with Nora Barnacle -- shaped so much he was to write in later years. With the publication of his first writing in 1915 came immediate literary respect and fame in Europe and America. From then on he was always the center of attention. But, as Peter Costello argues with conviction and passion, it was the earlier period of obscurity which provided Joyce with the material for Dubliners, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Ulysses and even the much later Finnegans Wake and was therefore the most significant and interesting period of his life. The theme of James Joyce: the Years of Growth is the theme of all Joyce's work -- the transformation of raw life into art. The network of friendships surrounding Joyce's family, of which he was to make so much use in Ulysses, receives special attention. Ulysses is very much a book about a city and a community, a community which was largely that of Joyce's father. Joyce as a writer owed a tremendous debt to his story-telling father. The majority of the characters in Ulysses were friends of John Joyce, who contributed more than has been realized to the make-up of Leopold Bloom. By taking an historical rather than purely biographical approach, Peter Costello places Joyce firmly in the context of the Dublin of his youth, frequently refutes accepted fact and discovers a new portrait of James Joyce.

    Peter Costello ;

    € 13,50
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