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    The Great Commanders...

    The Great Commanders of the Early Modern World 1567-1865

    Paperback in zeer goede staat. Engelstalig.

    What qualities made the Duke of Wellington a strategic genius? How did Oliver Cromwell, a gentleman farmer create an army that overthrew a king and changed the course of British history? Why was Simón Bolívar able to overcome early reverses to become the greatest figure in the Latin American struggle against Spanish colonialism?

    The answers to these and a myriad other fascinating questions can be found in Great Commanders of the Early Modern World, a sumptuous chronological survey of the 25 greatest commanders of the early modern world. Compiled by an distinguished team of historians (including such names as Antonia Fraser, Saul David and Stephen Brumwell) working under the general editorship of Andrew Roberts, Great Commanders of the Early Modern World is an authoritative and beautifully illustrated account of the lives and careers of the 25 greatest military commanders of the period, from the Duke of Marlborough to Napoleon Bonaparte, from Robert Clive to Carl von Clausewitz, and from Frederick the Great to Shaka Zulu. Every commander is profiled in a concise and informative 3000-word article which not only brings its subject vividly to life via a lively, fact-driven narrative, but also analyses and assesses his tactical and strategic gifts.

    As accessible and informative as it is rigorous and scholarly, Great Commanders of the Early Modern World is the perfect introduction to its subject for the layperson - but also a stimulating and thought-provoking read for those with greater knowledge of military history. With its companion volumes, focusing on the great commanders of the ancient, medieval and modern eras, it forms an indispensable guide to the greatest generals the world has seen.

    Andrew Roberts (ed.);

    € 8,50

    The Nuremberg Interviews

    The Nuremberg Interviews

    Dikke hardback met stofomslag in goede staat. Engelstalig. Prima exemplaar. Met 33 zwart-wit foto's.

    "The Nuremberg Interviews" reveals the chilling innermost thoughts of the former Nazi officials under indictment at the famous postwar trial. The architects of one of history's greatest atrocities speak out about their lives, their careers in the Nazi Party, and their views on the Holocaust. Their reflections are recorded in a set of interviews conducted by a U.S. Army psychiatrist. Dr. Leon Goldensohn was entrusted with monitoring the mental health of the two dozen German leaders charged with carrying out genocide, as well as that of many of the defense and prosecution witnesses. These recorded conversations have gone largely unexamined for more than fifty years.
    Now, Robert Gellately-one of the premier historians of Nazi Germany-has transcribed, edited, and annotated the interviews, and makes them available to the public for the first time in this volume.
    Here are interviews with the highest-ranking Nazi officials in the Nuremberg jails, including Hans Frank, Hermann Goering, Ernst Kaltenbrunner, and Joachim von Ribbentrop. Here, too, are interviews with the lesser-known officials who were, nonetheless, essential to the workings of the Third Reich. Goldensohn was a particularly astute interviewer, his training as a psychiatrist leading him to probe the motives, the rationales, and the skewing of morality that allowed these men to enact an unfathomable evil. Candid and often shockingly truthful, these interviews are deeply disturbing in their illumination of an ideology gone mad. Each interview is annotated with biographical information that places the man and his actions in their historical context. These interviews are a profoundly important addition to our understandingof the Nazi mind and mission.

    Leon Goldensohn;

    € 17,00

    The Hunt for Bin Laden

    The Hunt for Bin Laden

    Engelstalig, gebonden met omslag, in zeer goede staat 

    As the [al-Qaida terrorists] charged one wall, three Green Berets leaned over the parapets, oblivious to the enemy small-arms fire that was cracking by their heads and shoulders.
    Focus, squeeze, focus, squeeze, they recited quietly. . . . Each time . . . the lifeless body [of an al-Qaida terrorist] would snap back through the desert air and drop onto the sandy courtyard.
    The war in Afghanistan was the most secret conflict since the CIAs covert war in Laos; thousands of journalists covered it, yet, ironically, little is known about how it was waged or what really happened--until now.
    The Hunt for bin Laden plunges the reader into Americas War on Terror, from the first top-secret meetings of TASK FORCE DAGGER in Tampa on the afternoon of September 11, 2001, through the liberation of Kabul sixty-two days later and the tragedies of OPERATION ANACONDA. The book takes the reader into the heat of battle--as seen through the eyes of the Green Berets on the ground. This is the story of how only a few hundred men, operating from a secret Special Forces base, changed the course of history in Central Asia and destroyed a hundred-thousand-man terrorist army in less than ninety days.
    Action-packed and controversial, The Hunt for bin Laden is teeming with revelations and inside information. The truth about John Walker Lindh and Mike Spann, the failure of the conventional generals, the courage of the Northern Alliance, the wounding and murder of journalist, and the flaws and frustrations of the hunt for bin Laden himself.
    In mid-December 2001, Robin Moore arrived in Afghanistan, where he joined his old friends, whom he had celebrated thirty-five years earlier in his book The Green Berets and who were now calling in airstrikes and fighting alongside the armies of the Northern Alliance against the terrorist al-Qaida and Taliban. In less than three winter months, about a hundred Green Berets accounted for the deaths of perhaps as many as forty thousand terrorists and the winning of a war in Afghanistan--where the Soviets had found fighting a war all but impossible.

    Robin Moore ;

    € 18,50

    The Destruction of...

    The Destruction of Lord Raglan

    Engelstalige paperback, in nieuwstaat

    In March 1854 England declared war on Russia, launching one of the most unnecessary campaigns in history. A few weeks later, the finest army that had ever left these shores sailed from Portsmouth, gloriously clothed, splendidly confident - fated for destruction in the Crimea. Commander-in-chief of this army was Lord Raglan, a courageous and inspiring leader who, nevertheless, was soon to be pilloried by the press and abandoned by his government. With Lord Raglan as its central character, the book tells the curious story of the Crimean War as a whole with its mismanagement, rivalries, and horrors. The camp life in Turkey and Bulgaria, the landing of the Crimean shores, the charge of the Heavy and Light Brigades at Balaclava, the frantic, nightmarish battle in the mist at Inkerman, the long and desperate winter, the final assaults - all are described with the clarity, perception, and dramatic power for which Christopher Hibbert is rightly well known. In the words of Lord Birkenhead in his review in The Bookman of London, It is the great merit of THE DESTRUCTION OF LORD RAGLAN that the author, while observing impeccable scholarship throughout, has given us a work as gripping and terrible as the chapters on Borodino in WAR AND PEACE from which one rises charged with torturing emotions. Such is the vivid power of the narrative and so keen the author's visual sense that the reader feels he is present as the terrible battle of Alma is fought, and hears the screams on the scaling ladders at Sebastopol. Wonderful too, is his evocation of the scents and scenery of this strange land, excruciating his description of the suffering o the troops. Extensive research from masses of family and official papers, diaries, letters and reports from England, France and Russia result in a book of remarkable power and subtlety - exciting and thorough, authoritative and vivid. -- from dust jacket.

    Christopher Hibbert ;

    € 7,50
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