Kill Your Boss

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Paperback, crease in spine, in good condition.

If you're reading this, you're a new employee at Human Resources, Inc. Congratulations. And condolences. At the very least, you're embarking on a career that you will never be able to describe as dull. You'll go to interesting places. You'll meet unique and stimulating people from all walks of life. And kill them. You will make a lot of money, but that will mean nothing to you after the first job. Assassination, no matter how easy it looks in the movies, is the most difficult, stressful, and lonely profession on the planet. Even when you're disguised as an intern. John Lago is a hitman. He has some rules for you. And he's about to break every single one. Published in the US as The Intern's Handbook

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Aantal beschikbaar:1
Datum uitgifte:2014
Uitgever:Little, Brown
Druk:1e druk
Magazijn locatie:U50P347

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schreef op 2023-05-16:
Ardi, wat enig! En wat een mooi postzegelvelletje. Wat is het boekje met aandacht en liefde ingepakt, echt genieten. Dank je en succes met je winkel!