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Paperback, in excellent condition.

A dark, comic and timely novel from Sean French, one half of the acclaimed thriller-writing duo, Nicci French. Mark Foll is someone you might have spoken to, although you wouldn't necessarily know it; he might have called you in the middle of your favourite television programme to ask if you could take part in some market research, or you might even have called him to sort out your mobile phone contract or to find out where your airline tickets are. Mark has been drifting from terrible job to even worse job when he washes up at Wortley Insurance, working as claims adjuster. It is only when he is sent to Marson Greem, a Norfolk village, to investigate what might or might not be a cancer cluster caused by a waste management company insured by Wortley, that life beging to become something Mark might believe actually involves him. Start From Here is a social comedy, a love story, and a novel about patterns, randomness, and the patterns we see in randomness -- in love, in life, and in insurance.

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Aantal beschikbaar:1
Datum uitgifte:2004
Uitgever:Pan Macmillan
Staat:Zeer goed
Druk:1e druk
Magazijn locatie:H24P516A

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schreef op 2022-11-23:
De boeken zien uitstekend uit! Wat je zei over de boeken klopt precies en de omschrijving op de site dus ook. Ook de verpakking was uitstekend in orde!! Kortom, ik ben zeer te vreden! Zeer zeer veel dank voor alles!!