The Oxford Book of Schooldays

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Everyone remebers their schooldays. The old school, whether you compare it to a Fascist state (as W H Auden famously did), a hothouse, a prison, or a place of lost content, remains with you for the rest of your life. Drawing on fiction, memoirs, autobiography, poetry, and letters, Patricia Craig presents an enthralling selection of attitudes to schools and schooling, from the sixteenth century to the present day. Placing schooldays classics by Angela Brazil, Frank Richards, and Richmal Crompton, alongside memoirs by Winston Churchill, George Orwell, Iona Opie, and many others, this book will strike a chord with every pupil, past or present, in revealing the glories and defects of a British education.

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Aantal beschikbaar:1
Datum uitgifte:1995
Uitgever:Oxford University Press
Staat:Zeer goed
Magazijn locatie:P617

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