Mary of Nazareth

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Paperback in zeer goede staat. Engelstalig.

This reflection on the life of Mary presents the fragments of her life that can be found in the biblical record--the story of a young unmarried girl who became the mother of Jesus.RobertsonÆs gift as a writer is her ability to take these fragments and trace their impact in our own often troubled and conflicted times. Using vignettes from her own life as well as poetically rich and little known material about Mary from unusual sources, such as Coptic and Celtic liturgies, Jacob of Serug and St. Peter Chrysologus, Robertson presents the spiritual legacy of Mary as one of unconditional love, physical poverty, spiritual wealth, and humble trust in God. This is a book for a wide ecumenical audience.

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Aantal beschikbaar:1
Datum uitgifte:2001
Staat:Zeer goed
Druk:Eerste druk
Magazijn locatie:D145

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