Methods for Assessing Children`s Syntax.

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text in english. Some spots on book cover, date on title page, in very good condition. The study of child language and, in particular, child syntax is a growing area of linguistic research, yet methodological issues often take a back seat to the findings and conclusions of specific studies in the field. This book is designed in part as a handbook to assist students and researchers in the choice and use of methods for investigating children`s grammar. For example, a method (or combination of methods) can be chosen based on what is measured and who the target subject is. In addition to the selection of methods, there are also pointers for designing and conducting experimental studies and for evaluating research. Methods for Assessing Children`s Syntax combines the best features of approaches developed in experimental psychology and linguistics that ground the study of language within the study of human cognition. The first three parts focus on specific methods, divided according to the type of data collected: production, comprehension, and judgment. Chapters in the fourth part take up general methodological considerations that arise regardless of which method is used. All of the methods described can be modified to meet the requirements of a specific study.
Aantal beschikbaar:1
Datum uitgifte:1998
Uitgever:Cambridge, The MIT Press, Paperback, 390 pag.
Druk:first paperback edition
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Boeknummer:3345 55030

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schreef op 2021-02-15:
Het boek in goede orde ontvangen. Compliment voor de verzorgde verzending (verpakking, fraaie factuurkaartje en boekenlegger).