Beyond the Fragments.

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Feminism and the Making of Socialism

Paperback, in excellent condition.

"This is the most sustained argument for a reappraisal on the left of all its traditions that has yet come out of the women's movement in Britain. It is written by three women who have been active in both feminist and socialist politics. Whether from the experience of Leninist organizations, or of libertarian politics, each writer analyses the problems and contradictions of her own political background. The women's movement not only suggests different ways of organizing for socialist politics, but also critically questions the way the left has integrated the insights of the women's movement and confronted its own reproduction of authoritarian and hierarchical structures. The authors argue not just for a rhetorical acceptance of feminism, but for a redefinition of priorities, a new approach theory and consciousness, and for an open and searching examination of past and present forms of political organizations. They do not offer any answers -- indeed their distinct concerns and emphases would make that impossible -- but instead hope that their ideas will be discussed amongst socialist and feminists involved in a wide range of activities and hope that through their effort people will be encouraged to speak their mind and communicate their understanding." -- Back cover.

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