IPod, Therefore I Am

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A personal Journey trough Music.

Dikke hardback met stofomslag, in goede staat. Engelstalig. In good condition. Text in English.

Since 1972, when he was eleven, Dylan Jones has been regularly buying records in a 30-year binge of glam rock, punk, disco and rap. His life is full of disparate pop stars and their disparate records. But now, the iPod has changed everything, because Apple CEO Steve Jobs and his chief designed Jonathan Ive's invention has enabled listeners to put all their music in one place. Dylan Jones' book is about the iPod, its astonishing effect on the music industry, its invention and marketing. It's also about how a little plastic and chrome digital music player no bigger than a mobile phone has irrevocably altered our relationship with music. This book features the design and creation of the iPod and the rejuvenation of Apple. It is also a history of Dylan Jones' personal journey through music, and his own obsessions with the Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, Burt Bacharach, punk, hip-hop, Van Morrison and U2. He selects the best 100 jazz records ever made and shows how to make your own definitive 175-song Beatles album. There are comprehensive lists and essays about what you could put on your own iPod. No longer will you have to bend to the whims of a record company's unalterable choices. With iPod, it's a scroll in the park, creating and collecting infinite playlists of your own with this wonderful memory box.Part personal memoir, part product history, part marketing manual, iPod, Therefore I Am is the literary love-child of Nick (High Fidelity) Hornby and Michael (Liar's Poker) Lewis.

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Aantal beschikbaar:1
Datum uitgifte:2005
Uitgever:Weidenfeld en Nicolson
Druk:1e druk
Magazijn locatie:MD176

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Wederom een zeer mooi boek ontvangen. Grote waardering ook voor de manier waarop het boek was verpakt; als een cadeau.